Hi, these are some of my films and videos and so on,
best viewed in full-screen mode in the dark.

Self-Important Empirical Film #3, with Voice-over (2001, 4:28)

A down-on-his-luck 21-year-old takes his audience on an irreverent, self-deprecating journey
through his innermost thoughts and neuroses, complete with voice-over. Shot in Milwaukee
during the Winter/Spring of 2001, the film was shelved for four years but went on to play
in a number of fine festivals.

The Plants Are Listening - Trailer (2014, 4:37)

Philosophical insights routinely give way to moments of lush cinematic reverie in this breezy
narrative shot in Southwest Florida. In the midst of watching a dog (Kaji the Dog), phoning a
pretty girl (Dominique Joelle), and entertaining a neighbor (Robin Morrissey-Jones), eccentric
twins Simon and Dave (writer-director Dave Andrae) become immersed in intriguing conversations
while amusing themselves and also, to varying degrees, those around them. Colorful and at times
humorous, The Plants Are Listening weaves together a unique array of artistic influences
that's oddly harmonious. Features original music by New Zealand singer-songwriter Robert Scott
(of The Bats and The Clean), Vicekopf (a.k.a. Gregory Whitehead), and People's Palms.

Fire in the Neighborhood (2012, 00:52)

A colorful, perceptually dense glimpse of a neighborhood housefire that took place during the
Christmas season of 2012 near the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Fortunately, no people or animals
were harmed in the fire.

Robert on his Lunch Break (2010, 24:12)

Robert is a bookish, somewhat withdrawn entry-level office clerk waiting for a to-go order of
food. While getting a breath of fresh air and staring into space, he's accosted by Bradley, a
disembodied head with eyes like drains who begins to berate him--perhaps telepathically--with
petty insults disguised as good advice.

Ped (2000, 2:05)

An ode to pedestrianism slash city symphony film shot in the streets of Milwaukee on 16mm. A few
tweaks were made in the spring of 2020 during quarantine, but the basic film is as it was almost
twenty years ago.

Fugazi's Last Stop in Wisconsin (2010, 2:37)

A kinetic glimpse of the rock band Fugazi tearing it up at the Riverside Ballroom in Green Bay,
Wisconsin during the Summer of 2001. This was the last time the group played music in the Dairy
State, hence the title. The footage was lost for several years, but eventually found and edited
together in 2010. Note: due to some of the images being a little under-exposed, it is recommended
one watch this in the dark.

My Review of The Matrix (2013, 2:12)

A humorous audio review of The Matrix, the famous 1999 film by the Wachowskis.

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