Dave J. Andrae was born on the Autumnal Equinox of 1979 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
where he grew up. He now lives in Florida. Andrae is a multidisciplinary artist
and writer with an emphasis on film. He holds a BFA in Film from the University
of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is an alumnus of the Berlin International Film Festival's
Berlinale Talents program. Some of his films include Robert on His Lunch Break,
The Plants Are Listening, Self-Important Empirical Film #3, with Voice-over,
and Fire in the Neighborhood. A jack of all trades, Andrae has played atypical
music in several bands and side projects, including Leila M. & Tired of Triangles
and Astronaut Ice Cream Headache. His high school record label, Beeshu Records,
was the first imprint other than Hospital Productions to issue a recording from
noise artist Prurient, now quite established but then just starting out. In November
of 2020, Kaji-Pup Press released his debut novel, The Friends of Allan Renner,
a character-driven mixed-genre work of adult literary fiction. Andrae is an avid
film watcher, stand-up comedy fan, dog lover, and amateur cyclist, among other
things. He doesn't take himself too seriously.